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Head of Sales

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3500-9500 Bruto

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Clockliko 266 d.

Job Description: As a Head of Sales, you will play a pivotal role in driving the success of our partner companies' sales and account management teams. You will work closely with sales and account management leaders to optimize existing processes and create new ones to achieve revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Additionally, you will be responsible for reporting and data analytics to gain insights into sales trends, customer behavior, and performance. Your data-driven approach and strategic thinking will help identify and implement tools and technologies to enhance sales efficiency and effectiveness. As a leader, you will ensure accurate record-keeping in the CRM and provide regular sales forecasts and performance reports to the management team. You will also lead important projects related to outreach sequences, sales forecasting, onboarding, sales hiring formula, and sales compensation plans. Your responsibilities: -Work closely with sales and account management team leaders to create and optimize sales processes. -Ensure sales and account management teams are fully enabled with relevant training and knowledge documentation. -Provide reporting and data analytics on sales and account management results using CRM and other sales tools (analyze sales trends, provide insights into customer behavior, current processes and performance). -Identify and implement tools and technologies to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness. -Maintain accurate records of sales activity, customer interactions, and pipeline management in CRM. -Provide input on the sales and account management incentive structure. -Provide regular sales forecasts and performance reports to the management team. Projects: -Develop effective outreach sequences and follow-up strategies. -Create a sales forecasting process for accurate revenue projections. -Establish a comprehensive onboarding program with certification and testing logic for new joiners. -Lead a data-driven initiative to determine the ideal skill profile for SDRs, AEs, and AMs based on company context. -Update the sales compensation plan based on sales leadership inputs and the company's strategic direction. -Assist the teams in selecting the optimal toolstack (e.g., sales and workflow automation tools, calls recording, and analysis). KPIs: -New revenue generated by the sales team. -Expansion revenue generated by the account management team. -Conversion rate improvements within the sales funnel. -Remote work arrangements available. If you are an ambitious and driven professional with a passion for sales, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity with Hemes. Join our sales talent network, and let's connect you with the right companies to unleash your full sales potential.

Mes tikimės

-2+ years of experience managing a team. -Proven track record of owning sales operations and driving impact on sales results. -Experience in international B2B sales (selling SaaS products and solutions is a big advantage). -Data-driven and process-oriented approach to sales. -Excellent communication and presentation skills in English. -Excellent time management and organizational skills. -Experience using CRM software to manage customer relationships and sales pipelines. -Understanding of the latest sales techniques and best practices. -Experience with sales and workflow automation tools.

Mes siūlome

-Competitive salary + performance-based incentives and bonuses. -​​Opportunity for career growth within the sales team and potential progression to an Account Executive role. -Coverage for sales training, courses, seminars, or sales-related literature costs (subject to prior approval). -Constant collaboration with senior leaders and teammates to optimize performance. -A flexible work environment, with opportunities for travel to attend conferences or perform client roadshows (expenses covered). -Keep in mind that we are open to discussing compensation based on your skills and competencies.

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